Programs & Events


Welcome to the Programs and Events page! Here you will find a snapshot of our most popular programs and events which we have offered over the last year. From Employment support to Meditation and from Coffee House Jam Nights to our Christmas party we have something fun for everyone here at Centennial Place.


Best of 2015-2016


Mental Health Week 2015
Mental Health Week 2015 was a huge time for us last year, with a week-long calendar of activities culminating in our annual open house event. We had wellness classes, an awareness march and a forum highlighting some of the things we do to boost our mental wellness. Mental Health Awareness Week is the time of year when we open up our doors to the public so that we can show people what we do best and it often brings new members. It’s something we look forward to every year and we can’t wait to see everyone at our 2016 events.



Coffee House Jam
Last summer we had a get together in the evening. There were a few performers/singers that night along with a few snacks and plenty of chatter and general socializing. It was a fun night and a great way of doing something social in a pleasant and safe setting. Nathan played guitar and sang, Erika and her daughter sang, and Bob played guitar. It was a nice bit out of the ordinary thing to do that evening and it was quite well received. People that came said that it was a good night and was fun as well. The music was the main course of the night with some excellent performances by those people mentioned. It was quite the relaxed atmosphere and there was a giddy bit of feeling as well. Hopefully Centennial Place will put on another one of these evenings in the near future to have members perform music, recite poetry, and perform karaoke. It was a great night.




Community Kitchens
Community Kitchens continues to be a highlight among the programming of Centennial Place. This Communitas program, facilitated by one of our very own members Briant G, teaches members culinary skills and supports them in independent living goals. Every month two separate groups work with Briant for four weeks each and learn to cook healthy and cost-effective meals. The items they create change every month and have included things such as Eggs Benedict, Omelet Muffins, Baked Pollock with Homemade Potato Chips, Pesto Penne and Monte Cristo Sandwiches and Soup. This group has been one of our staples on Thursdays and Fridays and is a great addition to the lineup of programs at CP.


Inter-Clubhouse BBQs
Every summer we get together with three other clubhouses to host BBQs with each other. It’s a great way to meet and get to know people from other communities and they’re always fun. Last summer Abby House kicked things off with a day at the beach up at Hayward Lake in June. Next, here in Mission we hosted a Summer Social (there was no BBQ involved) in July. In August Cheamview Clubhouse of Chilliwack hosted a BBQ at Cultus Lake. Finally, Rainbow Club of Maple Ridge got to close the summer out in September, which could have had nicer weather but was still plenty of fun. These events are always fun and something we look forward to every summer.





This past year we said bon voyage to two long-time staff members of Centennial Place. In August we bid farewell to Brandi, our first manager, spiritual specialist and general ball of energy as she embarked on the next leg of her yoga journey. Then, in March, we bid farewell to Paul, our employment guru, art guy and Mr Nice as he moved on to another role in the Communitas organization. Both of them made quite an impact on everyone’s lives and left big shoes to fill. We remember them fondly and wish them the best of luck for their futures.


Halloween was a lot of fun this year, with an abundance of decorations, great costumes and a fun movie event. It was fun to decorate, fun to dress up and fun to socialize with everyone at Centennial Place. We had prizes for best costumes (male and female), popcorn and punch. We watched Hotel Transylvania and hung out, discussing our plans for the big night. It was a lot of fun and we can’t wait for next Halloween.


Member Training
Every year we host special member training classes to help our members enrich their lives with skills and training that are often needed in the workplace. Every year we receive a grant from the district to help pay for the cost so that our members can afford to attend. We have had FoodSafe and Emergency FirstAid training here, and when each course is completed, the attendees receive certificates that they can use for work. The skills learned can be valuable to many aspects of life, and I would recommend taking the classes even if you aren’t currently looking for work.



Employment is a huge focus at all Clubhouses the world over and Centennial Place is no exception. We believe that all of us need to feel like we are contributing to our community in meaningful ways and vocation/employment can be a huge part of this. Many individuals who join CP are looking for ways to volunteer or get back into the workforce and our dedicated staff (was Paul M. now Tony M.) assist with these goals. Our employment services also include our Therapeutic Volunteer Program (TVP) which encourages individuals to volunteer in our community and gain important experience which can lead to permanent employment in the future.





Christmas Party
Last December we had a Christmas lunch at the Mission Library. It was a great way to celebrate the holidays with Centennial Place staff and fellow members. It was one of the best attended events of the year with more than 50 people that came. The big event of the day was a gift exchange. Everyone was able to get a gift and that was well received. The food was good for a lunch and there was plenty of coffee and punch to drink. Overall people generally had a good time talking with each other and having a meal together. It was a great way to celebrate and socialize.



Personal Wellness Groups
Our Personal Wellness Groups form the backbone of our programming at Centennial Place. PWG’s include a huge variety of activities and programs which can include but are not limited to: Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), Wellness Skills, Mindfulness, Relationship Chatter, Boundaries Support, TED Talks, BIG Questions and much much more! These groups focus on positive and effective tips and strategies for living a healthy life in all aspects. These programs are always changing and reflect our membership and their unique wants and needs.