Welcome to the Programs page! Here you will find a snapshot of our most popular programs and groups which we have offered over the last year. From Employment support to Meditation to BIG Questions we have programming for everyone here at Centennial Place.



Everyday at Centennial Place, there are a variety of groups. From meditation to art, job skills, goal setting, and sharing our stories. All kinds of groups,covering a wide range of topics.

Its My Life

"Its my Life" has been a popular group since its inception. It is a group where those present share their life stories. There is an hour for a story and also for any comments or questions to be made after. Its a great way to learn about someone in only an hour and its been a very interesting series of stories from members.  Its been popular due to the fact that its a place to share how we got to where we are and why we are the way we are.

Young Adults

 The Young Adults group of Centennial Place is welcome to any member between the ages of 19-30.  The purpose of the group is to create an opportunity for members in this age group to come together once a week and essentially have fun, socialize and support oneanother.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

This is a course that has been offered here at CP several times over the past year. It’s focus is on connecting with yourself. Meditation is learned in this course as well as becoming aware of your breath as a way of connecting with yourself and becoming present with what is happening in the moment and accepting what you're feeling without judgement.

Let's Talk

Lets Talk makes our Top Ten Programs list because of the mutual support and kinship participants receive. It is a supportive group that brings people together through frank conversation.


We chose Meditation to be included in our top programs because of how helpful it has been in many peoples lives. In this group you learn the skills of meditating and how it can help you in your day to day life.

Yoga Workshop

The Yoga Workshop was chosen from among our top activies because this is a class for people of all levels of yoga. Yoga is a place to come and connect with your body through poses that support strength, flexibility and relaxation.

Creative Arts

We chose Creative Arts as another of our top activites because it gives people a great outlet for their creativity. There is nothing expected of you other than to show up and enjoy creating some art while contributing to a positive environment.


Employment is a huge focus both for Centennial Place and for all other Clubhouse programs in the Fraser Valley. Finding competitive employment can be a huge step towards self-confidence and wellness for many of our members and this program attempts to prepare anyone looking for employment. Our employment program is led by Paul McCracken who tirelessly assists countless people eagerly hoping to find jobs and volunteer experience in our community. This program is definitely a highlight of the programming which we offer here at Centennial Place and will always be.

BIG Questions

BIG Questions may just be the most consistent group which has taken place during this last year. Even going back to last year and the year before this group continues to meet every week and addresses the biggest questions of life. BIG Questions has now met over 80 times and draws a serious following of members who are committed to exploring some very deep topics and participating in some lively discussion. For example, on any given week the BIG Questions group may tackle one or more of the following questions (or many others):

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