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Personal Wellness


The following is a list of programs, groups and activities which support any of our members who have identified interest in actively pursuing their personal goals related to their involvement in Personal Wellness activities.

This list provides most if not all of the options we provide in this catregory but may not be exhaustive. Please check our Calendar page and/or contact us for the most current and up-to-date list of what programs and activities are available at this time.


Financial Support Group

Join us for a support/discussion group based on how we use our money. Financial issues are one of the most common stressors in our world. Join us to make a change today!


It's My Life!

This group is a forum in members take turns empowering one another by sharing their own perosnal life stories and expereinces.


Let's Talk

This is a sharing/suport group which allows members to talk about and discuss significant life events which take place in everyday life.


BIG Questions

Entirely discussion based without any teaching component, this group meets to discuss and share ideas and opinions about our core beliefs. Inclusive of all beliefs and views on spirituality this group is a safe place in which individuals respect each other’s free will to choose what they believe and practice without attempting to influence others decisions.



In partnership with Mission Adopt-A-Block, individuals can participate in some community service by participating in a weekly cleanup of Centennial Park and surrounding areas.


Yoga Drop In

This yoga class is open to all levels and focuses on a sequence of poses that support strength, flexibility, relaxation while creating a mind, body connection.


TED Talks

Join us for a discussion group on the inspirational topics presented by guest speakers at T.E.D. (Technology, Education and Design) conferences around the world. TED is and independent organisation which hosts speakers who present their individual areas of expertise.



This group is focused on learning the art of mediation in the company of others, through guided mediations and book teachings, as well as a debriefing afterwards.


Mindfulness Daily Practices

This is a support group for those individuals who would like to enhance or keep up their own mindfulness practice by discussing and  practicing a new mindfulness technique each week, following with a debriefing.


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Series

This is a 8 week workshop designed to support individuals to learn how mindfulness and mediation can be used to decrease the impact of stress in our daily lives. This group is both learning and discussions, and includes a practice element.


Talking Tobacco

This is a support group for those who want to learn more about smoking and its effects and who may also be looking at or are committed to cutting back/quitting their smoking habits.


Art History

This group is focused on learning more about art throughout the ages. Learn how art has changed and how we can learn about society from each of the individual time periods.


Food Skills For Families

Created by the Canadian Diabetes Association, this 6 week programs supports individuals in learning how to shop, prepare and cook healthy, low income meals together in a fun group atmosphere.


Art of Manliness

Based off of the website by the same name, the AOM group is discussion and activity based group for men only. The group engages in further learning and participation in manly activities, as well as discussions on the finer points of what it means to be a man (morality, relationships, gender roles etc.).



This group is based on the fundamental need which we all have to continually progress and improve our ability to relate to other people in our lives. Relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives and as a group we strive to understand more about empathizing with others, choosing compassion and learning a little bit more about what love looks like in all of our relationships.


Goal Setting

Goal Setting – Like the name implies this group is based on the basic steps which are required in order to identify, commit to, work at and succeed at our chosen life goals. Starting out basic with lots of room for continued support, this group is especially good for those are just looking into making a change in their life.


Exploring Emotions

A group based on identifying, recognizing and understanding the eight basic emotions, this group distinguishes between our emotions and our feelings and shows why these have such an impact on our lives. This group is both learning and discussion based and gives a general survey of our emotions and where they come from.