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Leisure, Recreation and Committees


The following is a list of programs, groups and activities which support any of our members who have identified interest in actively pursuing their personal goals related to their involvement in Leisure and Recreation activities or Committees. 

This list provides most if not all of the options we provide in this catregory but may not be exhaustive. Please check our Calendar page and/or contact us for the most current and up-to-date list of what programs and activities are available at this time.


Creative Arts Drop In

This “drop in” arts program is focused on allowing individuals to explore their creative side by participating in various activities such as painting, crafts, drawing, collaging etc, while enjoying the company and companionship of others.


Pause to Create

This group is for any aspiring artist who wants to learn how to draw, paint, and use pastels. No previous experience required, just a desire to learn.


Coffee Klatch

This is a social group open to individuals who reside in residential facilities, in which they can enjoy the company of others while participating in games, music, engaging conversations, all awhile enjoying a great cup of coffee.


What You Need to Know

A current events group, based on the five top headlines of the day from Canada and around the world. This group is both a learning group and also a discussion group in which the group talks about how those particular events impact our lives.


Walking Group

This group meets on a weekly basis and goes for a fun destination walk somwhere in the Mission area.


Young Adults

(Open to anyone ages 19-30)

This group seeks to connect young adults with each other primarily in order to build relationships and a support network which can encourage them through life’s hurdles. The group participates in different weekly events including leisure, educational and volunteerbased activities which build on communication and life skills as well as networking in our community.


Members Meeting

This upbeat quarterly get-together provides the opportunity for members to have input into the daily operations (which include ideas for programs/activities) of Centennial Place as well as to keep members in the loop to any upcoming changes, groups, activities, etc. Snacks may be provided, depending on meeting times.


Steering Committee

This is a leadership committee consisting of a majority of members from Centennial Place as well as a representative from CP staff as well as the local Fraser Health office. This group makes decisions concerning the clubhouse programming as well as finances.