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Mental Health Week 2017 – Special Program Descriptions
*Unless otherwise indicated all activities/events last for one hour and are hosted at Centennial Place (33032 11th Ave. Mission)

Monday May 1
11:00 AM - Intro to Mindfulness Meditation
This workshop will present the basics of Mindfulness and Meditation and how it could be of benefit to you.
1:00 PM - Mental Health & the Movies "A Beautiful Mind" (at Chartwell Cedarbrooke)
Join us to watch "A Beautiful Mind" at Chartwell Cedarbrooke retirement home. We will be starting the movie at 1:15 and popcorn will be available.

Tuesday May 2
11:00 AM - The Importance of Volunteering and Employment

This workshop will present the importance and value of Volunteering and Employment for those working on their mental health (Feauting a guest speaker from WorkBC).
1:00 PM - Creative Connection - Art Workshop
Join us for an interactive activity in which you can learn more about the value of art therapy and take part in a collaborative art project!

Wednesday May 3
11:00 AM - Stories of Growth
This inspirational presentation will feature members of Centennial Place sharing stories of their growth over the last year and what has helped them on their journey.
1:00 PM – Anxiety and Self Compassion (at the Mission Library)
Join us for an interactive presentation related to Anxiety and Self Compassion. Topics which will be brought up include relaxation practices, discussions and written exercises designed to help manage the debilitating effects of anxiety.
5:00 PM Medication Education Presentation (at the Mission Leisure Center)
This event is a community event led by the Mission Mental Health and Substance Use Advisory Committee featured at the Leisure Center. The committee is partnering with Debbie Thompson who will be detailing the effects of Medication and sharing useful advice.

Thursday May 4
11:00 AM – Building Mental Wellness in Mission - Panel Discussion (at Riverside College)
This workshop will feature a Panel of Mental Health staff from a variety of local resources. The panel will be discussing a number of key questions around the topic of Mental Health and is a great opportunity to learn from professionals in this area.
1:30 PM – Healthy Relationships: What does that look like?
This workshop, facilitated by Jason Wong from Mission Mental Health will focus on Relationships and seeks to explain why they are so valuable for our health and yet very difficult to do well.

Friday May 5
Open House Day (from 11am - 2pm)! Please see calendar above for full list of activities/times