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Mike's Mood Elevator - December 2016

By Mike Linburg
Volume 2, Issue 12

Please note that all content is provided by and is the opinion of Centennial Place member Mike Linburg, and as such, reflects his opinion and perspective only.  

A Welcoming Word
Winter has come upon us! My sun sign. “I shot an arrow into the sky…” Hi to all you Sagittarians out there! You are broad, free and explorative.
 -The Compleat Astrologer (by Derek and Julia Parker, 1975)

December, the 12th month of the year of the modern calendar, has 31 days. As the name shows (from Lat. Decem, “Ten,” it was the tenth month of the early Roman calendar, which began with March. The romans celebrated saturnalia in December, and the ancient Teutonic peoples had at this season a great mid-winter festival, called yule. Some features of both still exist in the traditional observances connected with Christmas.
 -Encyclopedia Britannica (1963)

Poetry Corner
Rows of motionless instruments wait
Each individually poised and ready
With the first wave of the wand
Silence is ruptured by the full sound
Spontaneously erupting, pouring forth
Piercing impressions upon the virgin void
Evoked by the lone movement
Singular and solitary-
Reaching out for more
 -Michael Linburg

The Mission Mental Health and Substance Use Advisory Committee’s guest speaker, Bill Holloway (a Concurrent Disorders therapist) provided us with a very informative presentation. He believes we need to bridge the gap between mental health and substance use services and work in partnership. He taught us that the body is trained to use drugs and much of addiction is trauma based.

A Notable Quote
Be yourself because all the others are taken
 -Groucho Marx

A Good Read
“Library of souls” by Ransom Riggs.
The final part of the “Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children” trilogy finds Jacob and the peculiars in the final battle with Caul.

Did You Know?
Milking the joke: British comedian Milton Jones performed a stand-up routine to a field of cows on a farm in Hertfordshire, England to see if they have a sense of humor. His set, called “Pull the udder one,” contained jokes tailored for his four-legged audience. Cows are believed to be more productive if they are happy.
 -Ripley’s Believe It Or Not 2012

I don’t mind your personality it’s all the little differences I don’t like.

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