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Welcome to the Blog page. This page is where you will find all the links to the blogs posted by both members, staff and the blog editorial team.

What is a blog you may be wondering. It is a spot to write about things that are happening here at Centennial Place, share stories and other posts.

On the left you will see the Centennial Place Blog. Those are the blogs done by the staff and editorial team.

On the right is the Members Blog. Those are things submitted by members of Centennial Place and other clubhouses.


These are the things to keep in mind when leaving comments.

  1. Comments are moderated. We look at all comments and decide if they are appropriate. We will edit or remove any comment that is not in line with Centennial Place values.
  2. Keep it clean. The use of offensive language will be edited, or cause your comment to be removed.
  3. Keep it on topic. Please keep your comments releveant to what you are commenting on.